UVA Miller Center puts the U.S. Capitol riot into perspective

UVA Miller Center puts the U.S. Capitol riot into perspective

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The violence that took place in our nation’s capital last week stunned many. Now, the director of Presidential Studies at the University of Virginia Miller Center, Barbara Perry is weighing in on the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, .January 6.

“This is genuine insurrection, which is illegal attempts to overthrow the government,” Perry said. “What was shocking to me was just how weak the defense perimeter was and the defenses in and outside the Capitol were.”

Even though Wednesday’s attack on democracy was unprecedented in recent times, Perry says America has made it through worse and prevailed.

“I am old enough now to be able to remember the assassination of President Kennedy, gunned down viciously in the streets of Dallas. I can remember the assassination of his brother Robert, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the riots in the streets, but we have never had a president who incited this kind of violence against our own government,” Perry said.

Perry is remaining hopeful that America will be able to overcome this obstacle of divide.

“I want to hold out hope that we will prevail and we will come out of this, but this is not over and the inauguration of Joe Biden will not end the views of these people,” Perry said.

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