Ski slopes see busy holiday season, say COVID-19 regulations are working

Ski resorts see consistent ticket sales, despite COVID-19 induced caps and restrictions

CENTRAL VIRGINIA AND VALLEY, Va. (WVIR) - Even with tightened COVID-19 restrictions, Wintergreen and Massanutten resorts say they’re seeing more skiers than expected.

Both are encouraging people to book tickets and rentals in advance, due to their limit on how many people can ski on the mountain at a time. During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the resorts were almost fully-booked with skiers. Even with a ticket cap, both resorts are continuing to see high numbers of ticket purchases.

“From December 19 through January 2 or 3, we saw a huge up-tick in skier visits, to be exact, there was a 23% increase over last year’s two week holiday period, this winter,” said Lori Zaloga, a spokesperson for Wintergreen.

“Christmas week or the holiday are always a very busy holiday period for us, but it would’ve been even busier had we not had some capacity restrictions in place, but overall, we’re pretty pleased with the way it went. And, the demand is clearly there. People want to get outside and have fun,” said Kenny Hess, a sports operations and risk manager for Massanutten.

Each resort has mask mandates, social distancing guidelines and limited dining options to keep people safe. Both Hess and Zaloga said skiers have been adhering to the changes well so far.

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