Boys and Girls Club to keep up with full-day programs in the new year

Boys and Girls Club to keep up with full-day programs in the new year

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - In the new year, the Boys and Girls Club of central Virginia is keeping up with programs to help children with working parents.

When COVID-19 presented challenges for students learning virtually this past fall, the club reopened for expanded, full-day programs.

“We’ve changed our model from an after-school one to an all-day program starting at about 8:00 in the morning and going until about 6:00,” Boys and Girls Club CEO James Pierce said. “We are fully committed right now and making sure that we’re partners with families and schools so that their kids have access to education.”

Now, clubs are stepping in and serving as academic support centers for students in hybrid and virtual instruction, and acting as a resource to working parents.

“It takes a whole community to make sure that kids have what they need right now,” Pierce said. “Let’s all pay a little extra attention to how kids are doing during this time... we’re all doing things differently than we’re used to doing. Sometimes kids can bear the brunt of that.”

Donna Sullivan is a single parent of 12-year-old Jack Jouett Club member, Hunter. She says having the Boys and Girls Club has been a huge relief and makes for a great routine.

“If you have a child in this school system and you’re a working parent, reach out to the Boys and Girls Club because they are just an awesome group of staff and they make it easy,” she said.

Even after increasing operations by 18 hours a week at five clubs, the Boys and Girls Club has maintained affordable annual membership fees to families of $15-$35. The actual average cost of serving one member for a year is $2,250.

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