Sen. Warner and Rep. Good discuss challenges, goals for 117th Congress

Sen. Warner and Rep. Good discuss challenges, goals for 117th Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WVIR) - Politicians both new and familiar to central Virginia head to Washington now as part of the 117th U.S. Congress. They bring with them a long to-do list, and face a politically divided House and Senate.

“I look forward to fighting for religious freedom,” Rep. Bob Good (R-5th District) said. “I look forward to fighting for life.”

Good says regardless of what happens in the Senate, the GOP gains in the House will be key to making their voices count.

He also says he already has several key issues he wants to go to work on: “Attacking the deficit and the debt and the spending, Good said. “I am in favor of opening the economy, getting folks back to school, respecting individual liberties, yes, taking precautions for those most at risk, but allowing folks to make choices.”

On the other side of the political aisle, and a long-familiar face for the commonwealth: U.S. Senator Mark Warner. The Democrat heads to Congress for his third term in the Senate. Fresh off playing a key role in negotiating the recent COVID-19 relief package, Warner anticipates more deal making on the horizon.

“Actually, I am enthusiastic about the coming term,” the incumbent explained. “There’s always going to be a new set of problems, in terms of internationally, foreign adversaries that we have to match. I don’t think there’s any problem that Americans can’t deal with if we actually look at a problem, try to be reasonable with each other, and don’t try to blame.”

Warner says he anticipates some of that bipartisan spirit being led by the White House: “I hope that [President-elect] Biden will actually reach out to Republicans and Trump supporters and try to again find a way to say it’s more important that we’re Americans first,” the senator explained.

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