‘We just never thought it would happen to us’: Va. family shares coronavirus experience

‘We just never thought it would happen to us’: Va. family shares coronavirus experience
Larry Allen fights coronavirus while on a ventilator. (Source: Allen Family via WDBJ)

NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - As the new year rolls in, Crystal and Madison Allen have someone special in their hearts.

“[He’s] my husband,” said Crystal Allen.

“And he’s my dad,” said Madison Allen.

Larry Allen is the family man to Crystal and Madison. But he’s more than just a husband and a father.

“He’ll do anything to make any of us happy for sure and he never asks for much for himself,” said Madison Allen.

“Everybody loves him, he doesn’t know a stranger...just a really, really nice guy,” said Crystal Allen.

But that same guy is now facing a devastating challenge.

Larry is in the hospital desperately fighting coronavirus. It’s a situation the Nelson County family never thought would happen to them.

“We just never thought it would happen to us. We never knew this is where we would be right now,” said Crystal Allen.

Larry has had many of the symptoms - coughing, fever, congestion.

But breathing has been a major struggle. He’s on a ventilator as he continues to fight.

That fight has gone on for almost two weeks and has the family asking for help.

“It’s gonna be difficult on us. I have the three girls at home and myself and I know that Larry’s gonna have a lot of hospital bills,” said Crystal Allen.

They say the situation could happen to anyone and that we should all be careful.

“It definitely can affect you,” said Crystal Allen.

And after their situation has passed, they say a new sense of renewal is to come.

“I feel like we didn’t appreciate him enough and we never thought this would happen to him. So when he gets back, a lot of things are going to change,” said Madison Allen.

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