Thomas Jefferson Health District vaccinates staff, prepares for next phase

Thomas Jefferson Health District vaccinates staff, prepares for next phase

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The vaccination process in the battle against COVID-19 has made its way to the Thomas Jefferson Health District headquarters, as the staff who will soon administer the vaccine got it themselves.

It’s been a long nine months of battling the coronavirus. Now, there’s some hope in the form of a vaccine. Those who spent the last nine months learning about and tracking the virus are now vaccinated against it.

“We are on a great side of history where we were able to vaccinate our first round of staff with COVID-19 vaccine,” said TJHD Spokesperson Kathryn Goodman.

The staff received the Moderna vaccine on Monday afternoon. Goodman said it was important because they will soon administer the shots.

“They have great protection, but also we wanted to practice the system so this vaccinating our own staff this week gave us a really great opportunity,” she said.

The system they practiced will be put into use next week when those staff members vaccinate others.

“We intend on vaccinating EMS starting next week and we’ll be going through the list of Phase 1A frontline health care workers,” Goodman said.

She’s hopeful this will help not only prepare for when it’s the general public’s turn but also to establish trust.

“We want people to know that the vaccine is coming,” Goodman said. “We are working on it around the clock to make sure that people will have access to it as it’s available.”

Goodman also confirmed that no staff member who received the vaccine had any immediate negative or allergic reactions.

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