Wintergreen Resort making snow for ski slopes

Wintergreen Resort making snow for ski slopes

NESLON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) -Wintergreen Resort has started to make snow on its ski slopes.

Wintergreen Director of Operations Zachary Marlowe says they are able to produce the equivalent of several football fields’ worth of snow in a 24-hour time span. He says they have over 400 snow guns, all controlled by computers.

“December kind of came in, temperature started rolling around on Monday night, we looked at it and said, ‘we’ve got a nice chance to make some snow here.’ So we made the choice to fire up the system and start making it look like winter up here,” Marlowe said.

Slopes are not open yet. Marlowe says they like to have about a 12-inch base before they open the slopes for use.

If conditions remain favorable, they could have slopes open by as early as middle to end of December. You can check the Wintergreen’s website and Facebook page to follow the conditions of the snow and the slopes and follow their progress.

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