Nelson County artisans encouraging community to shop local

Nelson County artisans encouraging community to shop local

NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A group of artisans are working together to make it easy for people to shop local in Nelson County this holiday season.

“No matter what the crisis is we do it well,” Heart of Nelson Artisan Collective’s Randi Brown said. “Whether it’s somebody needs a meal or someone’s missing or whatever it is, we come together, and so I feel like that’s even happening now”

Brown helped create the Heart of Nelson Artisan Collective.

“It’s a collective of artisans born here in Nelson County and we have all of our creations for sale here,” member of the Heart of Nelson Artisan Collective Dan Magan said. “I think it’s really important especially now when we see one in four small businesses closing their doors during this pandemic. It’s really important to buy local shop local and keep small businesses going.

What started with pop-up markets on Front Street allowing Nelson County artisans to sell their products to the community, will soon turn into a brick and mortar store.

“Having a storefront and being able to have a space for my art and then also be able to promote other art like there’s so much art here in the county, and then even surrounding areas having that space to be able to come here and find everything that you could be looking for,” Brown said.

The collective wants the community to know there’s talented artists right in their hometown.

“I think people will sort of, especially in a small area like Nelson, they’ll go outside of Nelson to to purchase or even think that ‘well if I want to find an artist and collective I’ve got to go to Charlottesville or Lynchburg,’ we kind of wanted to let them know that talent here,” Magan said.

With the holiday season approaching they’re pushing for their neighbors to shop local.

“I have a 10 year old that runs a business as well and so knowing that you’re supporting anyone from 10 to 100 that wants to just support their family on their own, I think that’s the message is let’s support one another,” Brown said.

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