Neighborhood group donate truckload of pet food to Fluvanna SPCA

Fluvanna County SPCA Donation

FLUVANNA CO., Va. (WVIR) - A group of neighbors came together to collect dozens of pounds of pet food for the Fluvanna SPCA.

18 families got together to fill an entire truck bed with cat and dog food to give to the SPCA. That food will help pet owners and SPCA workers keep their animals fed this Thanksgiving. Volunteers said they did it to show their gratitude to the SPCA.

“Because it’s Thanksgiving, we’re really thankful for the work that all people who work with animals do. They rescue, they try to help find them homes, and we’re really grateful for that,” said Mary Miller, who helped organize the donation.

The food will be available for those who are not able to afford pet food, helping families keep their furry friend instead of having to surrender them to places like SPCA. Food will also support the SPCA as they take in more animals.

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