UVA Dean of Students sends email to students regarding slide in COVID-19 compliance

UVA Dean of Students sends email to students regarding slide in COVID-19 compliance

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With just under two weeks left in the in-person portion of the University of Virginia’s Fall semester, Dean of Students Allen Groves says a couple of mistakes serve a reminder that students need to be more careful.

“We had had a bit of a challenging weekend for Halloween," Groves said. "I had received a report from a local vineyard, about a problem, the prior weekend and then we had just had some challenging behavior on Saturday, so it I felt like we were starting to slide.”

He says around 60 UVA students gathered at an Albemarle County vineyard recently creating health hazards for everyone there.

“They’d gone out there in groups of four or five, but once they were out there and saw other people they then congregated into one large mass, so you had a large gathering, almost no facemasks, no social distancing, every combination of concern,” Groves said.

He says the University is still handling all complaints on a case by case situation.

“That’s still ongoing and will be, quite frankly,” Groves said. "Some of those cases likely wouldn’t be heard by our student run system the UJC until early spring.

The University wants people to understand that behavior isn’t tolerated now, nor will it be when students return next semester.

“If you begin to slide in what’s been really good compliance thus far, by the vast majority of students, are you establishing a new pattern that when we return in the spring people think okay this is all behind us now?" Groves said.

The Dean of Students says with just a little bit of time left in the semester, it’s vital to keep up the high standards set forth.

“We have done so well thus far and it has taken a lot of sacrifice and a lot of discipline and I greatly appreciate that,” he said. “Let’s not lose all of that, with just days to go before we bring the semester to an end.”

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