TSA catches 16th gun at Richmond airport, surpassing number detected in 2019

TSA catches 16th gun at Richmond airport, surpassing number detected in 2019
This handgun was detected by TSA officers in a passenger’s carry-on bag at Richmond International Airport on Oct. 25. (Source: TSA)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Transportation Security Administration officers caught the 16th gun this year at Richmond Internation Airport on Sunday, surpassing the number of firearms detected in 2019.

Officials said the man was caught with an unloaded 9mm handgun and a magazine with 16 bullets among his carry-on items.

“The airport police were alerted by TSA, responded to the checkpoint, confiscated the gun and loaded magazine and cited the man, issuing two summons for him to appear in court,” a release said.

Officials said the man is a resident of Arizona.

“Guns are prohibited in the cabins of airplanes. It’s nothing new. It is a law that has been in place long before TSA even existed,” said Chuck Burke, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Richmond International Airport. “When you factor in that the pandemic has resulted in passenger volume in the neighborhood of 60% lower than this time in 2019, it is an extremely disturbing to see more passengers carrying guns with them. When caught with a firearm, most travelers claim that they forgot that they had their gun with them. Quite frankly, that’s not an acceptable excuse. That’s just carelessness. This individual now faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty.”

Passengers are allowed to transport firearms in check baggage, only if they are properly stored and declared.

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