Virginia Employment Commission gives update on unemployment and Lost Wages Assistance

Virginia Employment Commission gives update on unemployment and Lost Wages Assistance

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a record number of claims for unemployment insurance in Virginia. It’s been a challenge for the Virginia Employment Commission to keep up, but they’re working hard to make sure every claim is taken care of.

“We have had 1,300,000 initial claims since the pandemic started and that’s more than we’ve ever had," Virginia Employment Commission’s Joyce Fogg said. "That’s a lot of people. We’re still working to try to get those claims out to people, 92% of them have been paid.”

For the other eight percent, one problem or another is delaying the claim being paid out. Fogg says that on over 25,000 of the claims, the wrong social security number was listed. Another big issue was failing to file for a weekly claim.

“Either they started getting paid, and then stopped because of an issue, or they haven’t gotten paid at all because of an issue," Fogg explained. “About 30,000 of them, they filed an initial client, but then they never came back and filed their weekly claim so either they went back to work, or got another job, or whatever."

Fogg also updated NBC 29 on the FEMA Lost Wages Assistance Program. People who initially filed for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance should be receiving their money soon. People on traditional Unemployment Insurance have another step to take.

“If you file traditional unemployment insurance, you were not required at that point, to attest that it was due to Coronavirus," Fogg said. “So you have to go back on and attest that it was due to coronavirus.”

Once your claim has been approved, it’s also important to know the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) won’t come with your usual unemployment.

“This LWA was paid in a separate from your weekly benefits a lot of people seem to think it was going to come with their weekly benefits this week and we did this in a separate batch because it’s different,” Fogg explained.

For more information on the Lost Wages Assistance program click here.

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