Nelson County businesses find a way to hold outdoor fall events

Nelson County businesses find a way to hold outdoor fall events

NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Music venues all around the country are continuing to have to find creative ways to get customers out of the house, and a couple of businesses in Nelson County are doing just that.

“When that first guitar strum came out over the speakers yesterday you just saw, everybody that’s in the industry, you just saw their ears kind of perked up,” COO of Devil’s Backbone Hayes Humphries said.

“It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to do the full foliage festival again this year, our response has been amazing,” Brand Manager of Bold Rock Lindsay Dorrier III said.

Bold Rock and Devil’s Backbone are two staples of the Nelson County’s Route 151, and they’re also two staples of the Nelson County Music Scene. Now, they’re finding creative ways to get people out of the house safely in a pandemic-stricken world.

“It’s basically a regular concert, you can go crazy dance in your box , do whatever you want, we just try to keep everybody contained into their space so that the social distance is maintained," Humphries said.

"So we feel very blessed that we’ve been able to continue with business but by the same token, it’s taking a lot in order to get to this point,” Dorrier III said.

Capacity limits, social distancing requirements, and mask mandates are among some of the changes for concerts and festivals this fall. Both venues say, so far, compliance hasn’t been too much of an issue.

“Our customers seem to be abiding by the rules which we’re thankful for,” Dorrier III said.

“That makes me proud, you know, people trust what we’re doing, which is a big deal right now,” Humphries said.

Devil’s Backbone has been able to pull off a “walk-in concert.”

“It is a brand new type of event it’s a socially distanced concert,” Humphries said. “We’ve been seeing a lot of people doing driving shows that sort of thing but we really want people to be able to get out of their cars and enjoy the beautiful scenery around here."

Bold Rock was able to organize their annual fall foliage festival abiding by all social distancing guidelines.

“I think definitely a little bit of a case of cabin fever, even in the summer months because everyone has been not been able to do the same things that they enjoy so, it’s meaningful to be able to have some sense of normalcy, albeit ensuring that safe environment,” Dorrier III said.

They say that it’s just another way businesses along Route 151 are coming together to overcome a challenging year.

“We’re not competitors as much as we are partners and creating a great experience for everyone that visits, so we like to make sure that we’re all working as a team to provide that experience,” Dorrier III said.

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