Prominent photographer that features underrepresented communities talks to class at Charlottesville High School

Lola Flash_wvir

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Students at Charlottesville High School had a chance to hear from a prominent photographer that focuses on LGBTQ representation.

Lola Flash talked to students virtually Wednesday afternoon.

She discussed her journey and how photography has the ability to document time. She used an image of her parents smoking in front of her to illustrate how something that was once a norm is no longer accepted.

She also discussed why she focuses on under represented communities.

“That one or two hours that I spend with that person, they can feel like they’re beautiful, and hopefully they spend more time in their life feeling like that, but just to be able to give a person this kind of wholeness that a lot of us don’t get," Flash said.

Flash says while she currently lives in New York City, she has deep roots in Charlottesville and had relatives who taught at the Jefferson School.

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