Devils Backbone Brewing Company prepares for socially-distanced weekend concert

Devils Backbone Brewing Company prepares for socially-distanced weekend concert

ROSELAND, Va. (WVIR) - Hundreds of people are getting ready to gather to listen to live music, and while that sounds like a thing of the past, one central Virginia brewery is making sure it’s safe during the COVID era.

It seems like every aspect of the world has changed since the start of the pandemic, like doing Zoom interviews with your 19-month-old son. That’s what Hayes Humphreys, the COO of Devils Backbone Brewing Company, is doing as he is preparing for a sight rarely seen in 2020: a concert.

“This is what our concerts are going to look like in 2020,” he said.

Pods, designed for four people and spaced at least eight feet apart on all sides, were set up for an outdoor, three-day, socially-distanced concert.

"I’m most excited this weekend about the simple ability to bring live music back to Nelson County, Humphreys said.

Devils Backbone’s team has prepared for this weekend. Guests will order food and drinks before, they’ll wear masks unless they’re in their own pod, and they’ll have escorts to-and-from the parking lot to avoid large crowds.

“[Our team has] incredibly creative people, and they’re committed to guest safety,” Humphreys said. "We can find ways to recreate your experiences in a safe way for everybody.”

Humphreys says this will be a different experience, but one he’s glad they can provide to the central Virginia community.

“It lets people come out, do a thing that they love, doing it safely so they don’t have to feel anxious about it or guilty about it in the end."

Devils Backbone also announced that the concert will have another beneficiary: the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Every pod purchase will also come with a donation of at least 16 meals.

Headliners of the concert include the Sam Rush Band on Friday, and Mandolin Orange on Saturday and Sunday.

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