Cities Rising Summit hosts ‘Scaffolding the Journey to Equity’ panel

Cities Rising Summit hosts ‘Scaffolding the Journey to Equity’ panel

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Tom Tom Foundation’s Cities Rising Summit hosted a panel discussion titled “Scaffolding the Journey to Equity” Wednesday night.

The focus was how to create systems that promote better access to education, resources and opportunities across economic and racial lines.

Panelists from the University of Virginia, The Equity Center and Cville 1st Gen participated in the discussion. The panel agreed that more systems need to be in place to achieve real equity.

“How are we going to say, ‘it’s okay to stand here and accept all of these disparities that we see?’. The data is there. It has been studied and researched for decades the large gaps that are around race and socioeconomics. We can say as a community ‘this is unacceptable, and we will rally to do this together’, but we need a system that allows us to do it,” Ben Allen from The Equity Center said.

Panelists also encouraged members of the audience to find local organizations and to get involved by donating either their money or their time.

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