Charlottesville Schools’ COVID Advisory Committee recommends continued virtual learning

Charlottesville Schools’ COVID Advisory Committee recommends continued virtual learning

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville City Schools' COVID-19 Advisory Committee recommended on Wednesday that schools continue predominately online instruction through at least the start of the second nine weeks.

The decision is based on Charlottesville’s “higher-than-recommended new case counts" as well as the “impact of the arriving flu season” and “coming disruptions (and increased travel) during the Thanksgiving and winter breaks.”

This announcement came in an update from Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins.

While they’re not recommending in-person instruction in November, the committee laid out some more in-person options down the road. It proposed giving PreK-grade 6 students the option of in-person instruction four days per week starting on January 11 and January 19.

“The committee notes that if demand for in-person instruction is high, this 4-day/week model might need to shift to a 2-day/week model to maintain adequate spacing and staffing in the building.”

Buford Middle School and Charlottesville High School students would be given the option of a two-day-a-week in-person schedule starting on Monday, February 1.

Superintendent Atkins has received the recommendations and will present an official recommendation to the School Board.

“We know this is challenging,” Dr. Atkins wrote. “Just because the pandemic is no longer “new” doesn’t make it any easier. Yet even so, I am proud of our community — parents, students, teachers, community partners, and more — for a willingness to keep learning together.”

The full update can be viewed here, and the slides presented at the COVID-19 Advisory Committee meeting can be viewed here.

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