Decades Arcade turns to technology to help keep guests safe

Decades Arcade turns to technology to help keep guests safe

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - One central Virginia business is turning to technology to help keep guests safe while in its building.

Decades Arcade is using multiple approaches to keep customers COVID-19 free. The arcade is sanitizing every machine regularly, and requiring customers to wear masks at all times and use hand sanitizer anytime they enter the building.

It’s also turning to more high-tech solutions, such as a longer lasting gel disinfectant that is applied every month. The arcade is also using 50 UV lights, positioned around the arcade, to mass-sanitize the playing surfaces.

“Every two to three hours in the arcade we empty everybody out, because it can be harmful,” owner Paul Yates said. "We empty everybody out for 15 minutes, we blast the arcade with UV light, and then when everybody goes home, when we close we blast it for another four hours at night.”

Decades Arcade also has installed a large fan system to keep air circulating at a high rate and keep fresh air moving through the location. Yates says he also is in the process of installing a card system that will automatically keep customers from getting too close and shut down the games they are playing if guests are standing too close.

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