Race for Fifth District seat tightens as Bob Good struggles to unite Republican Party

Race for Fifth District Tightens

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -The Fifth District race in Virginia is tightening weeks before Election Day as Bob Good and Cameron Webb vie to be the district’s next congressman.

It is generally a Republican seat, but the GOP’s grip on the district is in question.

“In the entire Congress there are 435 seats, this is one of only 15 districts in the whole country that we have in the toss up category," J. Miles Coleman, with UVA’s Center for Politics, said.

A Democrat has not won the seat since Tom Perriello in 2008. Coleman says the Good campaign is relying on the district’s makeup to win.

“Good is doing, he’s doing sort of the bare minimum. I just think their campaign thinks it’s a red district and that’s going to be enough to carry them over the line,” he said.

Some Republicans also say they’re concerned Good has not denounced a tape by a campaign surrogate and former Greene County Supervisor Eddie Deane. In it, Deane used racist and homophobic language.

“He was a very integral part of Bob’s campaign. Bob basically just ducked all press inquiries about it, as I’m sure you might know. He hasn’t said anything since and Eddie Deane is still showing up to Bob Good’s events," Adam Kimelman, the former chair of UVA College Republicans, said.

Also quiet in all of this is Congressman Denver Riggleman, the sitting Republican congressman who lost his party’s bid in a contentious selection process.

“Congressman Riggleman has kind of stayed on the sidelines. He hasn’t formally endorsed Good, so right there, that could be sort of a green light to some of those softer Republicans," Coleman said.

NBC29 reached out to the Bob Good campaign and former Greene County Supervisor Eddie Deane for comment and did not hear back.

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