UVA answers questions on quarantine process

UVA answers questions on COVID-19 quarantine process

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Questions have swirled about the quarantine process for University of Virginia students since many in the community learned students are being sent off UVA Grounds to isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

The university says the use of off-Grounds housing had been part of its plan since the early summer.

UVA declined an interview, but did respond to some questions in a statement via email. In it, the university confirmed many students who contract COVID-19 exhibit symptoms or are exposed to the virus are staying in hotels.

“Once we become aware through Student Health and Wellness or the Thomas Jefferson Health District that a student has tested positive and therefore needs to isolate, or has been a close contact/been exposed to a positive student and therefore needs to quarantine, or has symptoms and is advised by Student Health to quarantine pending testing results, our dean on call process begins. Students in each of the above scenarios are called by a member of the dean on call team to discuss the details,” the statement says.

In regards to transporting those students to their quarantine location, UVA said, “Transportation is provided through a partnership with a local service provider who has experience in this regard and follows industry best practices for safety. Students are not charged for the ride.”

When asked about the costs to keep a student quarantined in off-Grounds housing, UVA said it can vary depending on the student’s specific circumstances. The statement says those variables include: “length of stay, distance for transportation, dietary needs, and location.”

The University of Virginia was unable to comment on how many beds are being used off-Grounds or where they are located, but did say that “care team liaisons” assist students throughout the quarantine process and are able to help with any and all concerns students have.

UVA is answering many quarantine questions on its website, and it has provided an online resource about the process for students.

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