Second round of Bounce Back Orange Grant applications are open

Second round of Bounce Back Orange Grant applications are open

ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Applications for the second round of the Bounce Back Orange Grant are now open, but this time around there’s some things businesses need to know.

“This round of funding is open to businesses located outside of the Town of Orange and Gordonsville,” Orange County Economic Development Project Manager Rose Deal said.

Deal says each town has their own grant this time: “For those businesses located within the two towns, please refer to each of their respective grant programs, as their guidelines are a little different,” she said.

As far as for the Orange County grant, a total of $194,000 is available for small businesses.

“The second round of Bounce Back Orange small business grants will award up to $8,000 to businesses and organizations with fewer than 100 employees," Deal said. "Home-based businesses are eligible to apply [and] this does include sole proprietors as long as they’re based within Orange County.”

Businesses who received funding in round one are still eligible for more grant money.

“They are eligible for round two, however the funds must go towards other expenses,” Deal said.

The application process is open now and it must be completed by October 19.

“In order to apply for the grant, interested parties should go to the website, click on the ‘COVID-19 resources’ banner and then scroll down to find the interest form," Deal said. "The interest form is a required step in the application process. Once that interest form is received, [businesses] will receive an electronic application via their email.”

Deal says all funding will be distributed by October 30, and this grant is crucial to reviving Orange County from the effects of the coronavirus.

“Well our business community is very important to us, and without them we would not have the revenues coming in, so making sure that they are taken care of and looked out for, it’s it’s very important to us,” Deal said.

For information on the Town of Orange grant click here. For information on the Town of Gordonsville grant click here.

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