Foxfield Races goes virtual, no spectators

Foxfield Races goes virtual

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Foxfield Steeplechase Race kicked off this afternoon in Albemarle County, and for the first time ever, there were no spectators.

Today’s race was the first of three fall meets for the National Steeplechase Association. It was live-steamed on the association’s website for people to watch at home.

Those who have come to the races for years say they’re trying to keep the tradition alive despite not having fans.

“I think the logistics of putting it on is, you don’t have to worry about crowd control and worrying about the police and all that, but still, the element of racing is still here," said Patrick Butterfield, a race director.

The next race will be October 10 in Middleburg, Virginia. The Foxfield group hopes by the time spring races start, they’ll be able to have limited spectators.

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