Sabato weighs in on Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis, says it’s unlikely to impact election

Sabato weighs in on Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis, says it’s unlikely to impact election

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As President Donald Trump works to recover from the virus, he is forced to remove himself from the campaign trail just 32 days before the election.

Director of UVA’s Center for Politics Larry Sabato says it is highly unlikely the president’s illness will affect the election.

“Surprisingly, it may change less than people think," Sabato said. "This isn’t going to change votes because we’re all locked in.”

As for the upcoming debate, Sabato believes President Trump will insist the show must go on and opt to square off against his opponent, Joe Biden, virtually.

“My guess is that the President wants to demonstrate that he’s overcome coronavirus very quickly and is very healthy, proving what he said all along that the coronavirus doesn’t matter,” Sabato said. "So he will insist upon Zooming or Skyping or something.”

Sabato says even if the President does change his mind on the severity of the pandemic, it’s too late.

“I’ve talked to senior Republicans this morning, who have called the President’s policies irresponsible,” Sabato said. "He constantly denigrates those who wear masks, as he did with Joe Biden at the debate just Tuesday night, not realizing he probably had been exposed by then.”

Americans are not the only ones buzzing from the announcement.

“What’s interesting is that this is making even bigger news around the world, they’re really stunned that this has happened," Sabato added.

Now, Sabato says to buckle up for a wild October, full of many surprises.

“You never know what’s going to happen and this is a crazy, cursed year,” he said. "We are just at the second day of October. I would bet anybody right now that we’re going to have multiple October surprises coming up.”

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