Staunton’s West End is getting some attention

Staunton's West End is getting some attention

STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - What some describe as a neglected part of Staunton is getting some attention.

Thursday night, more than 50 masked people attended a socially-distanced public meeting at the Gypsy Hill Park Gym to learn more about a plan to revitalize Staunton’s West End.

The city sees this part of town as an opportunity and a priority, according to Lori Kroll with the engineering firm Draper Aden Associates. They’re providing their services to help improve the West End. That includes applying for an EPA Brownfields grant for $300,000. If awarded that money would help kick things off, according to Kroll.

The meeting ended with a question, ‘what do the people who live and work in the West End want it to look like?’

“We’d like to see some good things happen - commercial redevelopment, some community space, some better ideas of things that can happen to really make the community thrive again as it once did,” Kroll said.

The next meeting is expected to happen early next year.

The Staunton Economic Development Director said he would look into the possibility of making the meeting available to people at home as well as those who attended in person.

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