Annual Fluvanna Co. Halloween light show begins Oct. 1

Annual Fluvanna Co. Halloween light show begins Oct. 1

FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - October means we’re just weeks away from Halloween, and even though this year’s celebrations may seem different, a home in Fluvanna County is keeping the spooky spirit alive for kids and their families.

For 18 years, Jeff Spinello has been lighting up Lewis Court in Lake Monticello every October.

“It started small. It didn’t start like this,” Spinello said.

Spinello’s Halloween light shows raise money for charities. This year, the money will go to animal shelters in Fluvanna County.

“Some years, we may raise a couple thousand dollars and some years several hundred. It depends on the economy. I know this year it’s tough for people, but anything they can give is appreciated even if it’s $1 or canned dog food,” Spinello said.

With many families struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, Spinello wants to put a smile on people’s faces and bring back some much needed holiday spirit.

“People need something to get their mind off of what’s going on, especially the kids. Get them out, bring them out and have them watch. It’ll just be something different,” Spinello said.

You can either watch outside your car or stay inside the car. Just turn the radio onto 88.1 FM and watch the 26 minute event through the windows.

“There’s a lot of monsters, there’s some eyeballs, and lights that light up in the bushes that really look creepy at night,” Spinello said. “There’s some great songs. I think we’ve got Addams Family, Ghostbusters, Michael Jackson’s Thriller this year.”

Even though Thursday, October 1, is the first night of the Halloween event, Spinello is already planning for his Christmas spectacular.

“I have to get working on Christmas. Christmas is already programmed. All the electrical is laid out, so all the wiring is laid out,” Spinello said.

For Spinello, the smiles he sees on peoples' faces make the effort he puts in worth it.

“I do this every year for the community, and a lot of people say ‘why do you do this?’. I say ‘come out here on a Friday or Saturday night, look at the crowds and look at how much they enjoy it.’ So, as long as I can do it, I can keep doing it. And we also raise pretty good money for charities," Spinello said.

The Halloween show takes place on 4 Lewis Court in Lake Monticello. It begins every night from October 1 until October 31 from dark until 10 p.m.

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