Fire alarms causing potential safety issue at Charlottesville apartment complex

False Fire Alarms_WVIR

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -A fire alarm at a Charlottesville apartment complex is keeping its residents up, and now some are concerned it is becoming a safety issue.

People continue to complain about a fire alarm at the Pavilion at North Grounds apartments that goes off in the middle of the night. It has happened twice in the past month, as well as one instance back in November.

Although residents say it is frustrating, they say, more importantly, it is putting people’s safety at risk because a small number are now taking the fire alarms seriously.

“Maybe like 20 that evacuate, but otherwise, everybody else just like sticks in earplugs and like rolls over. So, if there were a true emergency, I think there’s a significant fraction of the population that would not leave their apartments because they would assume it was a false alarm," Chris Kraft, who lives at the building, said.

NBC29 reached out to property manager Nikki Thompson, who did not respond to a request for comment. However, in a letter to residents, Thompson said two of the alarms sounded off due to pressure build up in the fire system and a valve that is not working properly.

She says the new part is set to arrive on Monday, October 5.

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