Charlottesville holds special meeting, first of three strategic planning meetings

Charlottesville holds special meeting, first of three strategic planning meetings

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville City Council held a special meeting to discuss the second round of CARES Act funding before moving into the first of three strategic meeting planning meetings.

“The total amount of the second round of CARES funding is $4,123,776, which is the same amount that was received earlier this summer,” Councilor Chris Cullinan said.

The first meeting was centered around how to distribute the second round of funding with the council members being able to discuss where they believe funding should be used. Councilor Sena Magill would like to see a focus on preventing a homeless crisis.

“Rent relief, [and] mortgage relief because we all know once someone becomes homeless it costs someone exponentially more to help them get reestablished,” Magill said.

Magill says she has two main priorities for future discussion: “It’s making sure our citizens are able to keep their homes, where they’re living as well as making sure our staff are compensated for the risk they are in as much as we can," Magill said.

The second reading of the appropriation of CARES Act funding will be October 5. This then led into the first of three strategic planning meetings.

“For all of us, for everyone on board here, this will be our first strategic plan, and so first, you know, trying to figure out that beginning blueprint for the city moving forward, at least for the next few years,” Mayor Nikuyah Walker said.

After each council member listed what they’re proud of and regrets they have during their time on City Council, the meeting then shifted towards the environmental scan. Magill says council can’t afford to forget the pandemic exists.

“In a time where we need to help our citizens who are struggling, because struggles are increasing, we have to also be looking at a known decrease in revenue,” Magill said.

There will be two more meetings to discuss the strategic plan for the city. The first will be held on October 20, followed by another meeting on October 27.

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