Important information you should know before heading to the polls

Early Voting To Knows

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -Early voting is underway and there are several things you should know before heading to your area voter’s registration office to cast their ballot.

“We’ve had approximately 300 voters per day," Charlottesville’s Director of Elections Melissa Morton said.

People in Charlottesville are taking full advantage of early voting.

There was one main reason many chose to wait in line and vote early in-person. “I want to make sure my vote counts,” Charlottesville voter Loretta Hughes said.

If you are heading to the Charlottesville Registrar’s Office, there are 13 spaces for curbside voting. When you arrive, just call the office and do not forget a blue or black pen.

In addition to candidates, voters need to be informed about the Constitutional Amendments on the ballots, too. Including establishing a bipartisan redistricting commission, which would end the current practice of gerrymandering, and an amendment dealing with not taxing a vehicle used by a veteran who received a disability from their service.

“People have been stepping away because they don’t know enough information about the constitutional amendments. We have been giving out flyers, but they feel more comfortable waiting to vote once they’ve done their research,”Morton said.

After NBC29 called, emailed, and tweeted The Virginia Department of Elections, they issued guidance to all Virginia registrar’s about what to do with a misplaced ballot. If someone places their ballot in the wrong drop box, the office is now asked to take action and get it to the right place.

If a voter places their ballot in a different department’s mailbox then it also gets to the right place. “That department will call me and let me know and let me know and I will go over there with another staff member to retrieve that ballot," Morton said.

Early voting runs through Saturday, October 31.

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