Transit hub property in Staunton remains for sale

Transit hub property in Staunton remains for sale

STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - In Staunton, the property used for the city’s transit hub is once again up for sale.

City Council has backed out of a purchase agreement with the American Shakespeare Center to purchase the Lewis Street lot for $185,000. The decision came in a 4-3 vote at the last city council meeting.

Councilmember, Stephen Claffey, said the COVID-19 pandemic and two floods created an extraordinary financial toll on the city, therefore he could not support the purchase.

Those opposed to withdrawing expressed concerns about the cost to move the transit hub to a different location, the potential loss of 40 free parking spaces available to residents, and accessibility concerns for Staunton’s lower-income residents, seniors, and those with disabilities.

Amy Wratchford, Managing Director of the American Shakespeare Center, said she was both surprised and disappointed by the decision.

“I recognize that the City is dealing with a lot of financial issues of their own,” stated Wratchford. “But we had thought that this was like I said, a good mutually beneficial situation where they could keep the regional transit hub in a shaded convenient spot and we could liquidate an asset that we just don’t need.”

Wratchford says they do need to sell the property but will continue to work with the city of Staunton until that happens.

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