Officer stops to toss the football with boy playing catch by himself

‘See you next time Fode’

Officer stops to play football with boy who was playing by himself

BOXBOROUGH, Mass. (Gray News) – Officer Tyler McElman was on patrol when something he saw tugged at his heart.

“I saw a young boy throwing a football to himself and chasing it down,” the Boxborough police officer said on Facebook.

“Being a sports enthusiast, I turned my cruiser around quickly and walked up to the boy and his sister to ask if I could join in and play some catch after introducing myself.”

The boy’s name is Fode.

The officer said the youngster impressed him with his one-handed catches and ability to run under long passes.

McElman and the boy talked sports, too, chatting about football players like Cam Newton, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady and Odell Beckham, the officer said.

The sandlot fun apparently wasn’t a one-off.

“See you next time Fode, I’ll be bringing the baseball glove bud,” McElman said.

Being a community caretaker has it perks on days like this!

Posted by Boxborough Police Department on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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