VHSL unanimously adopts ‘Championship +1’ schedule

VHSL unanimously adopts ‘Championship +1’ schedule

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Virginia High School League voted on Thursday to unanimously adopt its ‘Championship +1’ schedule.

The plan attempts to give every sport a chance to compete this year, while only playing 60-percent of a normal schedule.

Monticello athletic director Matthew Pearman says, “The biggest challenges aren’t necessarily in the schedule itself. The Jefferson District Athetic Directors have already agreed to prioritize district scheduling, as part of the condensed schedule plan. Rather, the challenges will be in the logistics and operations, of planning and executing ten months of schedule in a six month window.”

No matter what the schedule looks like, Albemarle athletic director Deb Tyson says it’s beneficial for the student-athletes.

“This is tangible," says Tyson. "This is something they can read. This is something they can count on. It’s no longer in that state of, ‘Is it gonna happen? Is it not gonna happen?’”

Just like the regular season, the playoffs will be truncated.

The ‘Plus One’ game helps add some closure for the teams who normally would have made the postseason, but miss out.

Tyson says, “You might not make the playoffs, but you know you’re going to have one more game at the end of your season, that’s kind of a culminating event. Even though it might not be a championship event, but it’s a culminating event, that you guys can celebrate. So I think that was a great addition.”

Pearman adds, “We’re still planning, somewhat, for the unknown. Things could change as much in the next four months, as they have in the last four. Our goal remains to provide Virginia High School League athletics and activities opportunities for our students, in a safe environment.”

The winter sports season is scheduled to start on December 7th, followed by fall sports on February 4th, and spring on April 12th.

VHSL Winter Schedule
VHSL Winter Schedule (Source: wvir)
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VHSL Fall Schedule (Source: wvir)
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