Thomas Jefferson Health District clarifies how it reports UVA students’ test results

Thomas Jefferson Health District clarifies how it reports UVA students’ test results
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With the University of Virginia in its second week of in-person classes, there have been questions about testing for students who live outside Virginia when they’re not in school.

What happens if you’re a UVA student coming from another state and you test positive for the Coronavirus? Do your results count in the local, Thomas Jefferson Health District, or back in your old home?

“They will end up going - if they use their home address or their parent’s address - eventually would go there to that health department,” said Ryan McKay, TJHD’s senior policy analyst.

While the results may be transferred to the student’s home first, it does not stop there. Instead, contact tracing notifies TJHD, usually within 24 hours, that there’s been a positive case in Charlottesville.

“Because the case investigation has been done initially to identify that as a student who lives here, we get word pretty quickly,” McKay said.

The result will then appear on TJHD’s data portal, regardless of what address the student gave before their test.

McKay did say if anyone living in Charlottesville for school gets tested, it’s recommended to use their local address.

“It helps us identify cases sooner, and certainly helps them understand and get that result back a little bit sooner so that we can again quickly contain and mitigate any potential spread and exposures,” he said.

University of Virginia Spokesperson Brian Coy adds students can help the process too.

“The most important thing you can do is quickly identify to the school and then cooperate with health officials when they call," Coy said.

UVA also said any student’s positive case will appear on its COVID tracker website.

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