Kaine blames G.O.P for no COVID-19 aid package

U.S Senator says lawmakers need bi-partisan discussion.

Senator Kaine blames G.O.P. for no COVID-19 aid package

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Wednesday, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine said a new coronavirus aid package is hitting a partisan blockade.

He says a republican proposal which came up for a vote last week did not pass because it did not include enough help from people who are suffering through the pandemic.

“If we’re going to be trying to help people through COVID, we can’t vote for a bill that has zero dollars. Zero dollars for rental assistance, zero dollars for mortgage assistance, zero dollars for food assistance or SNAP benefits. Zero dollars for state and federal aid,” Senator Kaine said.

Kaine said the bill also included broad federal protection for all businesses from liability even if they behave recklessly and cause COVID spread among their employees or workers.

He went on to say, he will keep pushing for a bi-partisan discussion, but did not say when that might happen.

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