Charlottesville-based sexual assault agency granted funding to launch new initiatives

Charlottesville-based sexual assault agency granted funding to launch new initiatives
Sexual Assault Resource Agency (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville-based Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) is rolling out new prevention programs with the help from federal funding to keep communities safer.

On Tuesday, Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced more than $5.1 million in federal funding to prevent violence against women. The money will go towards sexual assault awareness in Charlottesville, Norfolk, Marion, and Richmond.

SARA received $340,313 from the fund to help launch important preventative programs.

“Our preventative team is looking at the long-term big picture, what is happening in our communities where you know sexual violence is happening,” SARA Director of Prevention Laurie Jean Seaman said.

The goal of SARA is to serve as a resource center for the city and surrounding counties to help prevent and eliminate sexual violence. It also helps survivors throughout their journey.

The grant will be used to fund two programs to engage adults and keep them aware about sexual violence to make their communities a safe space.

The first program, Coaching Boys into Men, will work with sports teams to facilitate conversations with young boys about being a bystander and shaping their communities.

The other program, 10 Men, will aim to commit 10 men a year to collaborate and help communities prevent sexual assault and domestic violence.

“I think both of these programs are really designed to help people feel like, ‘I know exactly what my role is. I know exactly what to do to help the people love and the people who live in my neighborhood,’” Jean Seaman said. “We know that men have a really powerful voice in our communities, and it’s great when they can see that they have a really amazing role to play in this work.”

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