Signs supporting Republican candidates vandalized in Fluvanna County

Signs supporting Republican candidates vandalized in Fluvanna County
Greg Sclater, who put up candidate signs only to have them vandalized, pieces one back together. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - At the Crofton Plaza in Fluvanna County owner Greg Sclater put up a sign supporting Donald Trump, Daniel Gade, and Bob Good late last week, only to have it vandalized on the first night.

“It speaks [to] exactly what’s going on," Sclater said. "I mean, a lot of people being accused of doing stuff but it’s really seemed like the other side that’s creating the hatred and violence.”

Darrell Byers, the chair of the Fluvanna County Republicans, says the vandalism isn’t going unnoticed. “We shared with the sheriff’s office and they’ve been working on identifying those individuals that are involved,” he said.

A video circulating around Facebook shows a group of people vandalizing Republican signs around the county, including Sclater’s signs. “Thursday, they were put up and then Thursday night they were cut up,” he said.

Byers says although they’re just signs, it’s more about the principle. “It’s signs at the end of the day, but it’s more than just signs," he said. "It’s, it’s about a belief where you can damage and do whatever it is that you do unto other people’s property and that’s just not allowed.”

Sclater isn’t the only one to have signs vandalized, the Fluvanna County Republicans had signs hit as well. “So we’ve seen a rash of vandalism, Byers said. "Some have been off of Route 6 where some of the larger Trump signs had the T’s removed. They were cut out.”

NBC29 reached out to the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s office about the investigation but have not heard back yet.

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