Charlottesville’s Voter Registration Office says equipment is ready for early in-person voting

Charlottesville Voting Machine is ready to go

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -The Charlottesville Voter Registration Office says the early in-person voting equipment is ready to go.

The office also says a voter ballot drop-off box will be placed in front of the Charlottesville Voter Registration office in the coming days.

“It’s going to be labeled ‘Charlottesville city official ballot.’ It’s going to have three secure locks on it and it’s going to be under 24-hour surveillance,” Melissa Morton, Charlottesville’s general registrar and director of elections, said.

The voter ballot drop-off box will be just one of the options. “You can come here into the office and you can vote with a ballot. You can also vote by mail by requesting a vote by mail application," Morton said.

You can also simply go to your local registration office and use a machine. “We have one scanner and one touch writer at all times,”Morton said.

Remember, you no longer need a photo ID to vote in person, but you will need some form of identification.

As for mailed in ballots, they’ll be checked daily.

“If you’ve forgotten to sign it or there’s some question about the address you have on there, some discrepancy between what you write and what’s in the records, then we’ll contact you and invite you to come in and correct the mistake, which is something brand new," Charlottesville’s Electoral Board Secretary Jim Nix said.

If voting by mail, just make sure to include key details on your application form. “Email address and their phone number because if we don’t have those then it’s difficult for us to contact you," Nix said.

The Charlottesville Voter Registration office is asking people to please consider voting early. Early voting begins on Friday, September 18.

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