Charlottesville company hires virtual teaching assistant to help employees’ children with online school

Charlottesville company hires virtual teaching assistant to help employees’ children with school

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Many of the people working at the Charlottesville Settlement Company are parents with children going back to school virtually. To help them with that, their office now has a virtual teaching instructor.

“I drew, I answered some questions, and my teacher read a story to me,” 7-year-old Central Elementary School second grader, Connor said.

Connor would have been taking the bus with friends and walking into elementary school, but the first day looked a little different.

“I needed to come to my mom’s work because my school is closed because of corona,” Connor said.

Moms and dads at Charlottesville Settlement are juggling work and their kids' education. “After a full day of work and then going home in the evening and trying to do it would be really challenging,” real estate closer, Ashley Fitzgerald said.

That’s why the company hired Steven Coleman, the new virtual teaching assistant. “All the kids came in ready to learn and everyone’s excited about the new year,” Coleman said.

The company turned a conference room into a classroom. Inside the new space, Coleman will help kids every day with school.

“Today we’re getting used to using the virtual programs, Zoom and Seesaw. Things are going smoothly. It looks like the teachers were all prepared and we’re going to move forward together,” Coleman said.

Nelson County fifth grade student Talan Kellerman has been working virtually in the office for two weeks. “It’s a bit weird not going to actual school, but you get used to it after one week,” Kellerman said.

Kellerman enjoys going to work with his mom, but can’t wait for the day he’s back in-person. “I like going to regular school better because I know what to do better and my favorite thing is tag,” Kellerman said.

Virtual school has been a success so far in the office, but for Connor there’s no place like Central Elementary. “I miss going to the school where I go,” Connor said.

Coleman says he plans on implementing extracurricular activities like music and P.E. into the kids' virtual schedules.

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