Dr. Cameron Webb hosts virtual town hall for kids

Dr. Cameron Webb hosts virtual town hall for kids
Avery Webb, Dr. Cameron Webb's daughter facilitated a town hall for kids. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - 5th District Congressional Candidate Dr. Cameron Webb held another town hall meeting but this time it was aimed at a younger audience.

Avery Webb, Dr. Webb’s nine year old daughter, asked questions sent in from the public, to the panel of experts regarding the coronavirus and the virtual reopening of schools.

“Why is school going to be on a computer?” Avery Webb asked, reading a question from an audience member.

Bekah Saxon with the Virginia Education Association and pediatrician Dr. Paige Perriello gave answers to all of the questions.

“It’s about making sure everybody around us is as safe as they can be, and we don’t accidentally give someone else who can’t get COVID and won’t survive it, a very bad illness,” Saxon said.

“Coronavirus spreads by the stuff that comes out of our mouth and so six feet has been the distance that we have figured out is the way that can keep you the most safe when you are around people,” Perriello said.

There were also some questions asking how teachers can help the students.

“The teachers are going to have to be more flexible,” Saxon said. “There are going to be dogs that start barking during the middle of classes, cats walking across keyboards.”

Saxon also said it’ll be important for teachers to develop relationships with students and their families albeit online.

“It’ll be important for teachers to take some time to get to know their students and their families the best they can and to be flexible with families and students,” Saxon said.

A recording of the town hall can be found on Webb’s Facebook Page.

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