Cav Man pays a special visit to Charlottesville Make-A-Wish kid

Cav Man visits 5 year old from Make a Wish in Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A special visitor came to see 5-year-old UVA fan Ben Gelfand Thursday.

The pandemic has been no walk in the park for the Gelfand family. Ben suffers from various medical conditions which put him at high risk during the coronavirus pandemic and forced his family to quarantine these past 6 months.

“We have to stay very well quarantined because of his heart and lung condition,” Ben’s dad, Josh Gelfand said.

When the infamous UVA mascot, Cav Man, stepped foot in his backyard for a special visit, he and his family could not contain their excitement.

“We’ll remember this forever as parents,” Gelfand said.

Ben is now part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His dream came true when the foundation granted his wish for a UVA themed basketball court.

“He just loves everything to do with basketball and UVA and cheering them on, so it’s just a wonderful gift,” Gelfand said.

UVA sent a special visitor on Thursday as the cherry on top.

“President Ryan heard about how awesome Ben was and how he got this new court from the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” Ryan’s Executive Assistant Matthew Weber said. “President Ryan asked his good friend Cav Man to check it out, to wish Ben well, bring him a couple of little gifts, and to slam dunk on the new hoop.”

“To have them come out here and dance and play and watch them on our hoop in our backyard is just a wonderful gift,” Gelfand said.

Ben and his younger brothers looked forward to this day for weeks.

“We told them that Cav Man was coming and we got the basketball hoop so every day now when he wakes up the first thing he says is ’basketball hoop,” Gelfand said. “They’ve been watching Cav Man videos online, just getting excited for him to come.”

There’s no question that at just 5 years old, Ben is a Wahoo through and through.

“Ben always wants to sing the good old song,” his dad said.

“That little boy, that person is just so amazing and Cav Man counts him as one of his new best friends,” Weber said.

Ben’s pure joy serves as a reminder to cling to the little things during times like these.

“It’s been six months and we really have not left the house much so to have an opportunity to do something so special like this I be able to see Cav Man on our own hoop and our own yard is something we’ll remember forever,” Gelfand said.

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