Video with powerful racial equity message is making waves on social media

"It Could Have Been Me"

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -A new video with a powerful message about racial equity is making waves on social media and now the people behind it are speaking out.

“It Could Have Been Me” shows several Black people in Charlottesville saying the everyday life things they do that could have ended in their death, a reality too many people of color face daily.

The video is simple, but the message is powerful.

“In the video we’ve got a surgeon, we’ve got executives, we’ve got business people, we have activists, so it doesn’t matter what your job is, it doesn’t matter what your station in the business world is, it doesn’t matter what your title is. It boils down to the fact that any of us at any time, could have been us- seven shots in the back- it could have been me,” video co-creator Price Thomas said.

With each police shooting, choke hold or other action causing the death of an unarmed Black person, Price Thomas made a realization.

“A lot of this stuff is stuff that I do in the normal course of doing business. I go running, I listen to loud music,” he said.

From making it in black and white to only showing a person’s job description, not their name, every detail had a reason.

“There’s so many people that we talk about, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, but there are so many people that we do not talk about, so I made that statement, I put that statement in the video,” co-creator Ty Cooper said.

With thousands of Facebook views and more than 5 dozen shares, the message is being heard.

“And for them to kind of look at this one minute video and really, you know, feel it. It’s what we do as creators, when we want to create, we create to try and have an impact and when you have it, sometimes it catches you off guard,” Cooper said.

The duo says more videos are coming and with all their projects they hope to stir real action. Hoping people, regardless of their race, speak up when they see injustice.

“There’s a difference between being not racist and antiracist and we have to move the needle further towards absolutely, unequivocally antiracist,” Thomas said.

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