Hunger Action Month takes on a larger meaning this September for the BRAFB

Hunger Action Month takes on a larger meaning this September for the BRAFB

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (BRAFB) is committed to doing everything they can to make sure nobody in central Virginia goes hungry. In the middle of a pandemic that has seen demand for their services pushed to all-time highs, September being “Hunger Action Month,” takes on an extra level of significance.

“There is that worry that an exponential growth in need will come our way in waves that will make it really hard for us to keep leveling up to respond,” Blue Ridge Area Food Bank community relations manager, Abena Foreman-Trice said.

Increasing unemployment numbers and food insecurity has put pressure on the BRAFB, but they have been able to provide meals for those who can’t make ends meet.

“This occurred no fault of these workers. They’re finding themselves in positions where they need food assistance in many cases for the very first time,” Foreman-Trice said.

That’s why this September 1 is more important than ever.

“Hunger Action Month is an awareness month of the problem of hunger in communities throughout out the state and throughout the United States,” Foreman-Trice said.

Foreman-Trice says seeing people helping their neighbors during this crisis is inspiring.

“In light of such unpredictable and unimaginable circumstances was the community’s response, volunteers who at great personal risk decided that they were able to stand up,” Foreman-Trice said.

With the support of donors, partner pantries, and volunteers food bank CEO Michael McKee says they’ll continue to serve their 25 counties in Virginia.

“We’re not going to snap back economically overnight. We’ve go to go the distance,” McKee said. “We need the community to continue supporting the food bank and our partner agencies.”

As the months progress in this pandemic, the need for food is only increasing. Volunteering with the BRAFB is one way you can help or donating money can go a long way. Every dollar counts towards fighting food insecurity.

NBC29 and our sponsors are partnering with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to help feed our neighbors. Our goal is to supply 100,000 meals with a campaign goal of $25,000. Your gift will go to benefit the Thomas Jefferson Branch. Click here to read more about the campaign.

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