Larry Sabato: Pres. Donald Trump biggest uniter for Democrats and Republicans

UVA's Larry Sabato is weighing in on the 2020 race

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato says President Donald Trump is the single unifying factor in November’s election both for Republicans and Democrats.

“It’s often said that President Donald Trump is a divider. He’s actually a uniter, a uniter of Democrats and they are as united this year as any presidential year that I’ve observed since the 1960s,” the political analyst said.

That said, Sabato believes Democrats have to engineer a large turnout this year. While Senator Kamala Harris is expected to excite many in the party’s base, it may not see the same 2008 levels of enthusiasm.

“Barack Obama was president for eight years. So, it’s not quite the same thrill to have an African-American woman, or an African-American man for that matter, running for vice president. But again, I suggest to you the key to this election is Donald Trump,” Sabato said.

Harris has a history as a tough-on-crime prosecutor who championed legislation some say has disproportionately impacted people of color, including the 2011 anti-truancy law in California.

Former-Governor Terry McAuliffe is confident in Joe Biden’s choice.

“First African-American woman to be on the ticket will be the first African-American female to be vice president. Also of Indian descent, she is the daughter of immigrants,” McAuliffe said.

Although some progressives raised concerns during the primary, McAuliffe says the Democratic Party is unified ahead of November’s election.

“We are together,” he said.

As for the decision to ultimately choose Harris despite her hitting Biden hard during the debates, McAuliffe says none of the attacks Harris lobbed at the former-vice president bothered him.

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