ACRJ confirms inmate cases of COVID-19 at the jail

ACRJ confirms inmate cases of COVID-19 at the jail

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail (ACRJ) confirms its first inmate cases of COVID-19.

Four inmates have now tested positive for the virus as of Wednesday, August 12.

ACRJ staff believe an individual who was asymptomatic and recently booked into the facility was the source of exposure. Jail superintendent Martin Kumer says the first inmate to test positive came into the jail with the virus after he was arrested while at UVA Medical Center.

“We knew that coming in that the person was positive. We met them at the door with the proper PPE, they were immediately masked and gowned. All the staff transporting the individual were masked and gowned. They were quickly moved to a negative airflow room, housed there until we got the court involved,” Kumer said.

The jail says it is working with the Thomas Jefferson Health District on next steps.

08/12/2020 Release from Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail:

We have recently experienced four positive cases of COVID-19 inside the facility. In every instance the facility was and has been following the CDC’s and the Thomas Jefferson Area Health District’s, TJHD, recommendations. We have been and currently are in contact with the TJHD and are following their recommendations.

  1. A patient tested positive at the University of Virginia Health System. Just prior to their discharge from the hospital they assaulted an officer and were promptly arrested and transported to the jail. We were notified just prior to arrival of their positive status. The person was immediately processed using CDC guidelines to limit exposure and promptly transported to the medical negative air flow room. We contacted the court and the individual was quickly released and placed on pre-trial Home Electronic Incarceration a few hours later. Due to timing and extremely limited contact inside the facility we have no reason to believe this person was the source of the exposure. At last report the inmate is doing well.
  2. An inmate was released from the facility last week and after their release they were tested by a private clinic the same day as part of criteria to enter a program and not because they were symptomatic. The test came back positive five days later. The program notified the facility immediately. The housing area where they were housed was still a quarantine unit and the individuals who were exposed to them were still quarantined. This limited the exposure to the rest of the facility. Other individuals who were released in the interim have been or are in the process of being notified of their possible exposure. The individual who tested positive did not return to the facility and is currently on bond and doing well.
  3. An individual who was housed with the above individual prior to their release to the local program has also tested positive and is still incarcerated. The person is currently housed in our medical negative air-flow room and is doing well.
  4. A second individual who was also housed with the above two individuals has also tested positive and is also housed in the negative air-flow room in medical and also doing well.

We believe due to timing and proximity inside of the jail that an individual who was asymptomatic who was recently booked into the facility was the source of the exposure.

The remaining individuals who are still incarcerated and who were housed with the last three individuals above were and currently are in quarantine from the time they entered the facility. Per the TJHD, we will test any individual who becomes symptomatic and or five-seven days after their initial exposure whichever occurs first. The total exposure is limited to 16 individuals.

I want to reassure the public the current situation is under control and is being monitored by the TJHD and all recommended guidelines are being followed and all individuals are doing well and they do not require any additional medical treatment at this time.

No further information will be provided at this time.

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