Staunton Kiwanis Club donates food to the community

Staunton Kiwanis Club donates food to the community
Staunton Kiwanis Club concession stand (Source: WHSV)

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — The Staunton Kiwanis Club’s concession stand in Gypsy Hill Park is open for business, but not how you may think. After the club found out youth baseball had been postponed, the members decided to take their services in a new direction, providing food to those in need around the community.

Every Wednesday morning, the group convenes at Martin’s grocery store to collect out-of-date food items, that would normally be thrown away. The members then bring it back to the concession stand to sort through, giving hauls of it to organizations like the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, the Salvation Army and even local animal shelters.

“To see these items and this much food that would have been discarded and thrown in the trash and just to be able to take these things that are so get them to individuals and put them on their dinner tables,” said Jenny Buchanan, the club president.

After beginning the project in April, the club says there have been over 15 pickups. Each one averaging about 450 pounds of food and supplies.

The Staunton Kiwanis Club says they hope to keep serving the community throughout this pandemic in as many ways as they can.

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