Northern Neck residents pick up the pieces after Isaias

Updated: Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:45 PM EDT
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LANCASTER COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - People along Ocran Road in White Stone are trying to put back together what Isaias tore apart.

Multiple homes and trees along a stretch of the road remain damaged, as the National Weather Service has teams on the ground to confirm that tornadoes were the cause.

Ashby Allen, a resident of Ocran, says this wasn’t the first storm but perhaps the worst storm to come through.

“The trees remind me of Vietnam - they looked like they’d been bombed like that when I was in Vietnam,” he said.

Trees in White Stone snapped in half from the storm
Trees in White Stone snapped in half from the storm(wwbt/nbc12)

It isn’t easy for Allen to see his house damaged, as it belonged to his late parents.

”We lost a lot of windows. Tree limbs were flying through the windows,” he said.

His roof was also battered by the suspected tornado. But for him, the most important thing is what was inside the house.

“My mother had a lot of antiques and valuables in the house, and if that roof starts leaking, we’re in big trouble because they can’t be replaced,” Allen said.

Interestingly, some parts of his home were barely touched, with much of the damage on the side of the home facing the water. Regardless, he’s in for months worth of repairs. He says his heat pump was totaled, water service to the house is gone, and he estimates the repairs won’t be completed until Christmas.

But he still considers himself lucky. Down the road, some neighbors saw chunks of the roofs ripped off, and other things - like catamarans and lawn chairs - strewn across yards. A home going through remodeling also suffered the brunt of Isaias’ wrath.

catamaran ripped into pieces during the storm
catamaran ripped into pieces during the storm(wwbt/nbc12)

Many residents were back out Wednesday clearing falling branches, or even starting repair work on their homes.

As he starts this road to recovery, Allen mentions that it’s a task better left for him, and not his late parents.

“They loved what they had here, and to see this kind of damage... it would have been very bad for them. I’d give anything to have them back, but I’m glad they didn’t see this,” he added.

More downed trees and other debris from the storm
More downed trees and other debris from the storm(wwbt/nbc12)

The Lancaster County Sheriff confirms for NBC12 that one man on Ocran Road died on Tuesday. The 91-year-old man had gone out to survey the damage after the storm had passed, later suffered a medical emergency, and died.

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