Virginia Tech rolls out new Hokie Ready app with health survey

Virginia Tech rolls out new Hokie Ready app with health survey
Virginia Tech rolls out Hokie Ready App. (Source: WDBJ7)

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Virginia Tech is rolling out a new safety app leaders plan to use to continue to manage the spread of Covid-19. It’s called the Hokie Ready app.

Kevin Foust, Associate Vice President of Safety and Security at Virginia Tech said Tuesday that it’s a new and improved version of the Live-Safe app.

Foust said students, faculty and staff can, but are not required to, fill out a health screening questionnaire.

No personal information will be stored or reported, but the school can access general data they might use to make adjustments on campus.

“It’s simple a tool that allows the individual to do a daily health check to determine whether or not they want to come to work, they feel it’s safe to come to work,” Foust said. “Or should they go to their healthcare provider or to Virginia Department of Health or in the case of students, Sheppard health Center to get further guidance.”

The questionnaire will ask the user whether they have traveled internationally recently, whether they’ve been on close contact with an infected person or whether they may be experiencing any Covid-19 specific symptoms.

Foust said responses to the health survey will be deleted after 24 hours.

Users can also find support services and report a tip through the app.

The new app will also be available to students or staff working and studying abroad.

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