COVID-19 rapid testing prioritized, continuing problem

COVID-19 rapid testing prioritized, continuing problem
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Four and a half months into the coronavirus pandemic and rapid testing for COVID-19 remains scarce for some. Many people getting tested are not getting results until a few days later.

Both the Central Shenandoah and Lord Fairfax health districts in Virginia are completing many tests despite these district’s populations.

Rapid testing is prioritized for people like the elderly as they need an answer quickly to prevent serious issues. A health condition would put this group at a higher place on the priority list. Doctor Colin Greene of the Lord Fairfax Health District says there are flaws with the nasal swab test.

“If somebody, for example, is exposed two days ago, we could test them today and they may be negative and not show up with symptoms for another four or five days at which point their test would be positive,” Greene said. “The higher the risk for the patient, the more likely you are to make it a priority. If someone is being admitted into a hospital where there would be a risk of infecting other patients in the hospital, you would certainly want to know quickly about that person as well.”

Dr. Greene said the elderly would likely receive rapid testing before children, teenagers, and adults.

Some schools such as Virginia Tech are requiring thousands of students to get tested before they return to campus. A nasal swab test is what most will likely receive.

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