Coffey’s Garage sees uptick in battery service needs

Coffey’s Garage sees uptick in battery service needs
Mark Coffey checks the status of a car battery. (Source: WHSV)

FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) — The extreme summer heat and the pandemic are causing more people to have to get their car batteries serviced.

Coffey's Garage in Fishersville said usually see an uptick in servicing batteries in the summer from more people using additional accessories that rely on it, like cranking up the AC.

But they said the need has been higher this year, as more people are driving cars that may have sat idle for a while during quarantine.

AAA said in a press release, “In Virginia, even though roadside assistance calls were down in July about 9% from 2019, battery calls were up 13% this month.”

"A lot of the time if you're having your oil changed, you can just tell your mechanic to just look at the battery and they can put a tester on it and check it and just do a visual check of the terminals and make sure they're not corroded," Mark Coffey, a mechanic, said.

Coffey said if you notice your engine dragging when you start it up, that's a sign you may need to get your battery checked.

Paying attention to when your battery needs to be checked is important because Coffey said there could be a bigger, underlying problem.

“If you’re doing a lot of short runs, and you’re starting and stopping, it could wear the starter putting more of a load on the battery,” Coffey said. “And then if you have a battery that’s undercharged, you could have an alternator that’s charging too much and then you could actually have a bad alternator.”

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