Waynesboro Public Schools announces new tools for communication

Waynesboro Public Schools announces new tools for communication
Waynesboro School Board at Waynesboro High School (Source: WVIR)

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Waynesboro Public Schools has introduced a couple of new tools for communicating with the community.

On Wednesday, staff launched a community survey that will allow parents to submit their questions regarding the plan to reopen schools.

Also this week, Waynesboro Public Schools created a Facebook page that will allow parents, teachers, and students to receive news from the schools.

Waynesboro Public Schools Announces New Communications Tools

This week, Waynesboro Public Schools (WPS) introduced two new tools to increase and improve the flow of information from the school division to the community. Parents looking for more information about the reopening plan can submit their questions to a community survey that officially opened Wednesday. In addition, parents, students, teachers and others interested in receiving news from the schools can now follow WPS on Facebook.

“The school division administration always looks for opportunities to provide complete and accurate information to the community. Responding to the commonly asked questions from the survey is a wonderful way to do that,” said Jeffrey Cassell, WPS superintendent. “We are also excited to utilize social media to share information, highlight activities, and celebrate achievements in our schools.”

The “WPS 2020 Hybrid Plan: Community Questions Survey (CQS)” gives parents/guardians and other stakeholders an opportunity to have their most commonly asked questions responded to by WPS Administrators.

The CQS includes the following primary focus areas:

1. Building logistics/safety

2. Classroom logistics/safety

3. Transportation logistics/safety

4. Families choosing Online

5. Families choosing Hybrid l

6. Daily expectations

7. Teachers

8. Student Households

9. Other questions or concerns

Questions and comments are limited to 100-word responses per focus area. A soft-launch of the CQS was made Tuesday night. More than 200 questions have already been submitted.

While the survey is not designed to aid in the decision-making process of the re-opening plan, it will help ensure that the correct information gets into the community as soon as possible. It will also help school board members and administrators quickly identify areas of concern by ward and neighborhood.

The online CQS is available in English and Spanish and is open from now until Sunday, August 2 at 11:59 p.m. Results of the survey and video responses to the most commonly asked questions will be available to the public on August 14.

WPS’ Facebook page went live Tuesday. The page features official news and information from WPS, including COVID-19 updates. Currently, followers can find a detailed COVID-19 Health Mitigation Plan that will be submitted to the Virginia Department of Education, a Quick Reference Instructional Plan for the 2020-2021 school year, a Quick Reference Reopening Guide related to COVID-19 and a link to the CQS.

Follow or like WPS on Facebook to receive alerts when new posts are made.

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About Waynesboro Public Schools: The Central Mission of the Waynesboro Public Schools is to provide high quality education for all students. Waynesboro Public Schools is committed to a quality education that includes a strong academic program designed to meet student needs; comprehensive programs which prepare and encourage students to be productive citizens; quality learning environments and school facilities; a diverse, highly trained staff committed to working effectively with youth; and strong partnerships with parents and the community. The mission requires a process of evaluation, continual improvement, strategic planning, analysis of data,and consensus based decision-making.

Learn more about Waynesboro Public Schools by visiting: http://waynesboro.k12.va.us/.

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