Greenbrier parents start “Pods” program for elementary students

Greenbrier parents start “Pods” program for elementary students
Greenbrier Elementary School (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Several parents of elementary school kids in the Greenbrier neighborhood are looking to form “pods” to supplement their children’s upcoming virtual learning this fall.

The group consisting of parents of students from Greenbrier Elementary and Walker Upper Elementary Schools discussed the idea a couple weeks ago.  The concept is to pair kids with similar grades and learning needs into in-person groups. The goal is to provide added help and social interaction.

Kristin Sancken, a Greenbrier neighborhood parent, came up with the idea with the hope of alleviating some of the stresses parents have felt adjusting to at home schooling the past several months.

“We’re all having a really hard time.  We’re all at home with our kids.  I think I saw a statistic the other day that 75% of kids are at home full-time now without a break, without a way to take a breather, without a way to think critically about how we’re teaching our kids or how we’re nurturing our kids,” Sancken said.

Over 30 parents have already signed their kids up for the pods this fall.  Interested parents are encouraged to fill out this form.

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